My interest in computers peeked when I was young, I would watch my family put together computers & was fascinated with them. I one day decided to build my own & enjoyed the out come. As a result I peaked an interest in learning more about computers & decided to repair old ones for fun. Come 2016 I came in contact with a few Facebook friends whom are computer enthusiast like my self & decided to create a name & logo for fun. Thus as a result Code Red PC Team was born. I have passion for others & understand it is very difficult to find some one you can trust or even afford. Being a man who once relied on my internet providers technical support, I my self was paying out of pocket up to 200 dollars a visit! I realized after watching these guys that I can do this all my self for a fraction of the cost! I can now pass on my knowledge & savings to the public & help those in search find there affordable solutions!