We are code red pc team

Code Red Pc Team is based in Dunnellon florida
Providing services on a global scale.
Rather you have a virus or need a diagnostic for a slow computer,code red pc team has your back.
Our technicians have been in the field for over 7 years & can help you in shop local or on the internet.
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Honest Services

Our technicians give you honest & fair inspections & quotes for your device & needs

Quick Repair

Our company strides in providing customers the help they need as fast but efficiently as possible.

24 hour 7 days a week

Our technical support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week even on holidays!

We are pasionate

We take pride in our repairs & make sure your device is repaired on time & professionally

Our promise

We promise to provide you a fair & transparent quote & diagnostics as well as on time repairs!

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Experienced Staff

Our experts have been in the computer repair field for over 7 years!

Spencer Berggren

I enjoy video gaming,building websites,fishing & trailing.

Austin Roddy

Computer Enthusiasts owns 11 custom PC's, Gamer & streamer. A Tech Enthusiasts

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